All too often, we don’t realize what is so valuable until there is the threat of not having it.  What comes to mind for most of us would be one’s mate, health, financial security, etc.  For my family, recently, it’s our septic tank.

For thirty years, our septic tank has gone unnoticed.  Until recently, that is, when our neighbor complained of smelling raw sewage.  We plan to take care of the problem as soon as we can find the septic tank.  That’s right.  We don’t know where it is.  When I said our septic tank has gone unnoticed, I really, truly mean UNNOTICED!  There is no indication on the ground surface of where it is.  There is no slight rise in the ground; and there certainly isn’t a cap or lid exposed!  And you know that saying, “The grass grows greenest over the septic tank”?  Well, not for us!

I thought it was in a particular grassy area, but my husband thought it was under one of my flower beds.  So we attacked the flower bed.  After removing the gravel, which I use instead of mulch, carefully folding back the landscaping fabric, digging up some plants, cutting through Japanese maple roots (sniff, sniff), we dug, for several hours; and all we had to show for it was a two-foot hole and no septic tank.  (Some of you may be wondering why it took two hours for a two-foot hole—our soil is made up of rock and clay and our usual tool, when not digging for a concrete septic tank, is a pick ax!)

If we cannot find this septic tank, the plumber is going to send out a backhoe to start searching for it by trial-and-error digging.  I can visualize it now—our lawn will look like a Tom and Jerry cartoon in which Tom tries to eradicate a mole in his yard with everything from explosives to traps to standing guard with a shotgun.

Hopefully, the plumber will not have to resort to hit-and-miss digging, but will find it with a camera—think of “colonoscopy “—then he can dig in the precise location.

So, you probably think today’s blog is about appreciating the things that you can’t put a price tag on, like a true friend.  A true treasure is a friend you can call on when you’ve done something you shouldn’t have or haven’t done something you should have or are worried about bills or depressed because of illness or loneliness.  This friend can give you the assurance that everything will turn out okay, even though things look pretty bleak, if you just turn it over to him.  You probably think this is about a friend who will NEVER leave you and will ALWAYS have your back.  This friend will not die on you, nor divorce you, nor get angry or hurt and hold a grudge.  This friend has known you and loved you from before you were born.   Did you think today’s blog is about Jesus?

No, silly, this blog is about septic tanks.

Take care of yours and it will take care of you.  And if at all possible, while he’s still living, find out from the person who built your house where it’s located!

The conclusion of The Mystery of the Missing Septic Tank will be revealed in a future posting.