Core Values

Every congregation is different (which is a good thing).  There are differences in types of worship music, pews or chairs, technology or not, different buildings, dress up or casual and many more.  These differences are not right or wrong, it is just part of who the local church is.  Most often the values of the local church help form its culture and identity.  Listed below are the values that help shape our culture and drive what we do.  Every church has multiple values, but these few are what we feel make Grace Fellowship unique.   If these values resonate with you come and join us on mission with Jesus!

Holistic Biblically-Based Ministry

We care about your spiritual, emotional, and physical well being. Our teachings on Sunday morning and throughout the week focus on these issues and more.

Authentic Community

You don’t have to put on a show for anyone at Grace Fellowship. Come as you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re having the worst day ever, or if you’re on top of the world. We want you here on Sunday! Grace Fellowship is a safe place to ask questions about spiritual matters.

Community Focus

We know that God loves the people of Clarksville! We hope to best display this by serving the community, doing good deeds and in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. We demonstrate this best with our  weekly community outreach.

Team Ministry

We believe that we accomplish more as a team. Every individual is important and uniquely gifted by God and is needed for the ministry we do here at Grace. This is not just about one person, but about everyone partnering together to serve, learn, and grow. If you would like to serve, let us know; we always need help somewhere.

Intentional Multiplication

Jesus calls every one of us to make disciples. We model our discipleship on the examples Jesus taught. We also believe that every disciple is called to be a leader, and it is our job to help train our members to be discipling leaders. Beyond making disciples and developing leaders, we have the mandate to plant (start) new churches to help bless people in our community and other cities.