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Pray for Benson 1September 16, 2021Details
Pray for my relationships2August 10, 2021Details
Pray for kanakaraj 2July 27, 2021Details

Pray for Benson

Geetha George
Kindly pray for my brother George Benson, he had attended interview in MNC company and also got selected last month, but still he didn't get his offer letter he is in depression, his wife Shalini has kidney failure, they have lot of financial problems, please pray for my brother George Benson to get his offer letter without delay, he is worried all the time, not eating his food properly, please pray for him.

Pray for my relationships

Kenneth Wilson
Pray for world health for divine health. Pray for all of my relationships that are across the world. I have cried many times because of hurtful things in my relationship with my neighbor. Pray for all my relationships with my neighbor, my loved ones across the world, my team and others for our relationship to grow stronger and better than it has ever been. Help us draw closer together than ever before. Pray that we won't break apart for our love to be better than ever and her behavior and choices. Also pray for a miracle for our relationships to be more intimate. Pray for how my relationships have been for me and how to love me more than before. Pray that nothing and no one will tear us apart. Pray for pulling down the strongholds and soul ties in their lives. Stop all the wrongful and hurtful things that have been destroying my relationships. Set my neighbor and loved ones free from the world of the enemy, from bad company and influences, from soul ties, and the things of the world. Pray that my relationships with all that they won’t leave me and to bring us together each day. Pray for restoration of what we had together and to bring our hearts together. Pray for my neighbor and loved ones for their whole family for deliverance from any wickedness and rebellion, salvation also draws closer together to do things the godly way. Pray for my neighbor and love one’s brother, cousins, and others. Pray for my brother in Christ for his relationship with his children’s mother for restoration as well. Pray for the children and teenagers at the school and in the community that come from a dysfunctional for deliverance from wickedness and rebellion. Pray for salvation for family members for deliverance for addiction and to turn their life around. Pray for Myself.

Pray for kanakaraj

Geetha George
Kindly pray for my husband kankaraj he has body pain and giddiness, he has become weak, he is anemic and and his sugar level in low. Kindly pray for him earnestly
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