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A Package Deal

June 14, 2020
When we gave our allegiance to Christ, we received not just an assurance that we would be in God’s family forever, we received the Holy Spirit, faith of Christ, peace…

What can I do?

June 7, 2020
In times like this we need hope, we need to know that God has a plan and is in charge of all events. The Gospel is the Good News of…

Pentecost 2020

May 31, 2020
The Holy Spirit comes to the early church in Acts 2.
Birthday gifts come and go, but there is one gift that lasts forever.
He will never leave you This passage in John 14:15-21 is a continuation of Christ’s discussion with his disciples at what we refer to as the Last Supper. After he…

Do you remember the story of the Good Shepherd? Each person is precious to God. Join us to hear the story from John 10:1-10.
Does life ever get to be too much for you? Life wasn't simple for Jesus, but he made it look easy! How did he do that? Based on Luke 24:13-35

Blessed are the doubters!

April 19, 2020

The Empty Tomb

April 12, 2020
John 20:1-18  - "The Empty Tomb" We must fight through our fear, anxiety and confusion. We all go through these times of doubt but if we focus on our teaching…